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There is no art
without craft,
no craft without rules.
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Workshops for Writers and Designers

Lift your sights (and sites) to a new plateau—expand your skills and satisfy your senses in a place apart.

From time to time (and by request), Final Eyes hosts workshops in Taos, New Mexico, focusing on:

  • copyediting
  • typography
  • self-publishing

Forget those dull grammar exercises. Barbara’s spirited personality makes these sessions vivid and refreshing. Whether you’re starting an individual project or attending on company expense, you’ll find the experience has something to offer. And you’ll meet other creative individuals in a memorable setting long associated with writers and artists.

And if you can’t come to Taos...
If you or your colleagues can’t get away, then Final Eyes workshops can come to you. Barbara will travel to the location of your choice and present her lively, informative workshops. Be it Taos, Tahoe, or Tuscany, these sessions will save you money and heartache in the way your staff will be instilled with the Final Eyes approach. Barbara’s cheerful demeanor should set the standard for all company meetings.

Fee varies, based on travel arrangements, workshop length, etc. Please call for a quote.

What in the World Do You Have to Say?
Barbara created and published Threshold of the Millennium: A Worldview Journal, which asked participants to record their thoughts about world events in changing times. Recognized nationally, this entrepreneurial effort at self-publishing sold out 5,000 copies. More than a “dear diary” take on life, worldview journaling encourages individuals to collage the flux of world events with their own responses and personal histories. Barbara is available for workshops in this thoughtful and absorbing activity that teaches you to think and write critically and also gives you fodder for conversation in business and social gatherings.