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A Simple Process

Each client relationship is custom-crafted, with a process cultivated to meet your needs. Every project is given the same comprehensive review, but any peculiarities of your particular job can be given extra attention. Notify Final Eyes of any special treatment you desire for your work, and Barbara will incorporate your needs.
  • Word documents
    Final Eyes will use the “track changes” feature to edit your document, allowing you to accept or reject any changes.

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF files
    Final Eyes uses Acrobat Professional for markup features. If you own Acrobat Professional, you can make further alterations to the document or remove any Final Eyes changes that you decide against. You are the final arbiter.

  • InDesign files
    Include a folder that contains all fonts used in your document. It is not necessary to send photos and other graphic images, as screen versions are retained in the memory of the file.
Files can be sent via email, flash drive, or any online file-transfer service. If you have not received confirmation within two hours that the file has been received, please call 575-770-1789. You will also receive an estimated turnaround time. When the work is completed, you will be notified and your annotated/amended document will be returned to you via the same method it was submitted.