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The freedom of originality
is denied us if tradition
is left concealed.
The Elements of Typographic Style
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Why feel the pain of finding a mistake too late when you can have the pleasure of working with Final Eyes?

  • finaleyes
    Before you send your file to the printer, before you launch your website, before you push the “send” button, hand your work over to Final Eyes. Barbara Scott’s command of both the verbal and visual aspects of your production exceeds all other editing services. From word usage to kerning, from dangling participles to deranged line breaks, her understanding of both contemporary discourse and design ensures that the elements of your document serve as effective tools of communication. As markup on PDF files or directly in your InDesign document, this inestimable quality-control service augments the finest staff, maximizing your creative effort while mitigating your risk.

  • proofreading
    Let the professional scrutiny of Final Eyes intercept potentially embarrassing flubs, such as typos, missing or extra spaces, “it’s” for “its,” orphans and strays—all the fine points that become significant when they stand in the way of making a good impression. Barbara will comb through the prepared text and ferret out oversights, such as a word that is spelled correctly but not the one you intended to use (theirs nothing better than the human eye—catch my error?). Or perhaps you’re a bit too casual with your commas, semi-colons, and colons. Most likely she’ll draw your attention to particulars you didn’t even know to look for.

  • typography
    Refine your words or document with the wisdom of an artisan’s inspection. Many text presentations “look” right, but you can acquire the sensibility to actually be right in the selection, placement, and layout of your document—whether a simple PowerPoint presentation or a complex pictorial publication. Firmly established in the legacy of typography, Barbara’s facility and appreciation can be applied across any application that uses words. Even though you can produce a document with the speed that would make Gutenberg’s head spin, the expeditious yet mindful analysis of Final Eyes applies the knowing hand of the master typographer to the age of immediate turnaround.

  • copyediting
    When you’re satisfied with your content, let Final Eyes check your manuscript for spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, general consistency, and clarity—elements that transfer the ideas in your head to the visual communication of the printed or electronic page. Barbara is skilled at recognizing an author’s voice and gracefully preserving your personal style. Suggested changes—not arbitrary rephrasings—enhance and strengthen your character and individuality. Tailored to your needs and taste, copyediting can be performed with a light to heavy touch and according to various style guidelines. The good-natured feedback you receive identifies your ingrained patterns, allowing you to be a better writer or self-editor.

  • book layout and production
    Engage Final Eyes for a full collaborative relationship. Barbara will work with you at any phase of your process—from editing your manuscript to publishing your book—and can facilitate the completion of each stage. As your compass, she will ensure your book will reflect your highest values. Her enthusiasm and attentiveness will support you in the solitary moments of creation. Ever curious, she reads your work with diligence and respect, providing sensitive and straightforward comments to finesse your progress. She has helped many an aspiring writer/author to take their idea all the way from conception to published book, and anything in between. Long a respected craft, book creation has often been the anonymous key to both literary classic and today‚Äôs bestseller. It also serves as a credible calling card.

All of these services can be blended and matched to meet your specific needs. With each client unique and no job insignificant, Final Eyes can also work with you as consultant and concept developer, nomenclator, and branding-guide specialist.

Try Final Eyes at no risk. Barbara Scott stands behind the Final Eyes pledge: “Give me your copy and I’ll find a mistake. If I can’t, it’s free.”