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The freedom of originality
is denied us if tradition
is left concealed.
The Elements of Typographic Style
Final Eyes


Final Eyes—the Last Word in Layouts Since Designers Started Setting Type

You may have the latest Mac loaded with all the software you’ll ever need and a perfectly calibrated 23-inch flat screen, but can this technology make sure that you’ve crossed your “t’s” and dotted your “i’s”?

You and your staff have spent days or months preparing an ad campaign or a magazine. Nothing has been spared in developing your concept. Your dedication and effort have borne fruit in the realization of your vision.

Now is the time for Final Eyes. No matter how many expert hands or considered hours are invested, your very involvement and intimacy with the work keeps you from seeing an error or inconsistency. Sometimes your own perfecting revisions result in a word, a headline, or a caption that is out of sync.

Each day, technology gives us more ways to connect with each other. But wider audiences and quicker access actually increase the possibilities for misunderstanding. You can produce dazzling displays with sophisticated software. With such power at hand, why let the chance of an error allow your work be dismissed in the blink of an eye?

With a fresh perspective, Final Eyes brings both keenness and discernment to bear, optimizing your text or design. No matter how intricate or specialized, print and digital documents will possess a richer dimension of visual and verbal clarity. Penetrating and precise, the gleanings of Final Eyes finish your work with a patina that bespeaks competence and credibility.

Barbara Scott Sees the Forest and the Trees

With new pathways for communication—and an ever-accelerating pace—old-time fundamentals and attention to detail are your pearls of clarity and credibility. The polish that Final Eyes bestows upon your work sets it apart from the noise. That expert finish can be your mark of distinction.

The heart and soul of Final Eyes is Barbara Scott. More than a copyeditor, she is a master of communication arts, whose grammar savvy and layout smarts go beyond the formulaic. Starting her career in typography and layout production in the last century, Barbara nurtured a passion for classic design and writing principles. Exciting changes have energized a centuries-old craft, and virtually anyone can create with a world of fonts and images a mouse-click away. Yet the foundations of quality and comprehension remain the same. Whether your text is a stately gavotte or a thumping techno-riff, Barbara’s facility with all aspects and manner of expression will guarantee the seamless delivery of your project’s verbal and visual message.

The caliber of Final Eyes resides in Barbara’s engagement with the world. You’re not just passing your document through a mindless spell check. Barbara continually finds enterprising and energetic ways to provoke and promote thought in others. While living in Denver, she was the dynamic center of critical exchange at her Friday-evening salons. In 1991 she published Threshold of the Millennium: A Worldview Journal. In the decades since, she has recorded and commented on world events ranging from politics to the environment and from religion to technology. At home in Taos, she is involved with SOMOS (Society of the Muse of the Southwest), the literary organization that serves writers and readers throughout New Mexico.

A stickler for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and expert typography, it is Barbara’s zest for life that makes her the ideal audience. Her genuine joy comes in knowing that your message gets out there—in a way that achieves your objectives and increases your influence.