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Final Eyes
Old-World Skills. New-Age Technology.
A wooden case filled with letters engraved in steel. A digitally downloaded 21st-century script. Final Eyes, bringing old-world skills to new-age technology, offers proofreading, copyediting, and typography services. As in eras past, when a tinkling bell above the door welcomed you to a world of patient craftsmanship, the Final Eyes relationship is a guarantee of quality and dependability. The last word in services for writers, designers, publishers, and corporations, Barbara Scott offers the Final Eyes pledge: “Give me your copy, and I’ll find a mistake. If I can’t, it’s free.”
The caliber of Final Eyes resides in Barbara’s engagement with the world. You’re not just passing your document through a mindless spell check. As author of Threshold of the Millennium: A Worldview Journal, she has recorded and commented on world events ranging from politics to the environment and from religion to technology.
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